Recording Techniques I Program


Prerequisites: A 16 or better score on a Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam or successful completion of Pro Audio Specialist.

Completion Schedule: 5 or 12 weeks


Students study use of recording and sound reinforcement equipment including studio/stage setup of real instruments, with monitoring, recording, overdub & mixing using Pro Tools and a digital console. Students complete one course to complete the program

Theory Section (25 clock hours): In depth theory of recording and sound techniques with assignments, quizzes, and final examination.

Practical Hands-On Training (15 clock hours): Working in crews or individually, the students practice and complete band recording, overdubbing and mixdown projects.

Lab Time: Students may, at their option, book up to 8 hours of campus recording facility use for personal projects or practice or 16 hours of computer lab use. Additional lab time may be purchased ($50 per 4 hours).
Suggested Training for: Essential training for live sound and recording technicians.


Section 1 – Recording Techniques Overview: Students study the basics of studio and control room setup for recording, theory behind sound hearing, and mixing technique. (10.5 clock hours) (May be bypassed if PAS is completed)
Section 2 – Audio and Microphone Theory Lectures: Students study microphone selection and placement for recording, as well as both console and audio workstation theory & operation. (7 clock hours)
Section 3 – Console and Mixing Techniques: Through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on assignments students learn fundamental music mixing techniques. (10.5 clock hours)
Section 4 – Recording Theory and Practical: Through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on assignments students learn fundamental recording techniques. (14 clock hours)
Section 5 – Review And Final Examination – Student completes a final examination within seven (7) days of last class.