Associate Recording Engineer/Music Producer Program

Prerequisites: A 16 or better score on a Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam or successful completion of Pro Audio Specialist.

Completion Schedule: 3 to 9 Months


Students study recording and sound reinforcement equipment including studio/stage setup of real instruments, with monitoring, recording, overdub & mixing using Pro Tools and a digital console. Students also learn the basics of music theory as applied in popular production and the basic of the Music Business. Students learn electronic production techniques and demonstrate individual competency in recording & Mixing.

Suggested Training for: Essential training for project recording engineer/producers. Students desiring entry level positions in the audio and music field as an associate recording engineer, production assistant, project studio recordist or a wide variety of jobs in the audio and music field.


(Students must complete all three classes)

Recording Techniques I Course: Clock Hours: 40
See Recording Techniques I program for course description.

Introduction to Music Course: Clock Hours: 48
Taught in two sections, students first learn essentials of music theory including scales, chord progressions and basic use of harmony. Students then learn the basic of music theory, including copyright law, recording contacts, music publishing & other music business essentials.

Production Techniques I Course: Clock Hours: 40
Taught in two sections, students first learn to program and use Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) techniques for music productions. In the second section students get competency certification on every aspect of band recording and in mixdown.