Music Producer Program

Prerequisites: A 16 or better score on a Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam or successful completion of Pro Audio Specialist.

Completion Schedule: 6 to 9 Months (3-6 for those who have completed RTI or Associate Programs)


Students not having any RID recording program first take Recording Techniques I to learn basic audio theory and recording/mixing skills. Over the other two courses, students learn the technical and marketing functions that must be mastered to successfully release and market regional music product. Students study advanced mixing and mastering techniques using software by Digidesign, Steinberg and Izotope. Students also learn to market product through the web and use of social networks as well as planning and executing the promotion of musical events.
Suggested Training for: Complete training for the project recording engineer and/or music producer. Production assistant for production companies or labels.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: (Students must complete all three classes)

Recording Techniques I Course: Clock Hours: 40
See Recording Techniques I program for course description.

Computer Music Technology Course: (Individual class tuition $1299.00 + $119 materials charge). Clock Hours: 48
This course has two sections. In the first section, the student learns advanced mixing techniques using two different DAW programs (by Digidesign and Steinberg). The second section is complete training on mastering techniques. The student is taught to achieve a professional quality mixed and mastered product.

Production & Marketing Course: Clock Hours: 48
Students learn to plan manufacturing, packaging design, distribution and promotion of music releases. Web promotion using social networking and dedicated music sites are demonstrated with do and don’t guidelines. The planning and promotion of live music events is also taught in this course.