Pro Audio Specialist Program

Clock Hours: 30
Completion Schedule: 2-4 weeks

Prerequisites: Students must pass a Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam with a 16 or better score.

Retake Class In Another Specialty: 50% discount


Theory Section: (21 Clock Hours)
Students study essential audio and recording theory representing the minimum theory that needs to be mastered for employment. Training includes the basics of sound, microphones, mixers and consoles, dynamic processing, equalization, effects, mixing, equipment interconnection, sound reinforcement, analog/digital recording, MIDI production, DAW production, and mastering. Students take a comprehensive final exam via the web or on campus. Students learn the theory by interactive study modules at home, or on campus, using the World Wide Web or interactive discs.

Alternate Off Campus Theory Study: (21 Clock Hours)
Students may study PAS Theory online or by interactive disc for a fee of $149.00. Students passing the final theory examination online may enter a campus class with a 50% tuition discount.
Practical Hands-On Section: (9 Clock Hours)
Students are exposed and work with basic techniques for the specialty featured in the individual courses. Courses are available in the specialties of Band Recording, Pro Tools Basics, and Cubase Basics. See individual course descriptions for a more in-depth description.

Lab Time:
Students not requiring campus time for study may, at their option, book up to 8 hours of computer lab time (or 4 hours band recording time) for personal projects or practice at no added charge. Added lab time may be purchased. ($50 for 4 hours)

Suggested Training For:
The Pro Audio Special program represents the minimum essential training for employment or internship in the field working in recording, project production, or sound reinforcement.


Choose one of 3 different classes.

Pro Audio Specialist Band Recording Course:
Theory Section: (21 Clock Hours) – Students study PAS theory interactively on or off campus per program description.
Practical Hands-On Section: (9 clock hours)
Hands-on demonstrations with student participation include studio setup, control room setup and a band recording session.

Pro Audio Specialist Pro Tools Course:
Theory/Practical Hands On Training: (30 clock hours) Students attend 21 hours of campus classes in the basic PAS theory and 9 hours of classes with hands-on Pro Tools assignments in the school’s computer lab. Students learn, through hands-on assignments, basic computer skills, creating Pro Tools sessions, Pro Tools recording, editing, MIDI Production mixing & automation

Pro Audio Specialist Cubase Course:
Theory Section: (21 Clock Hours) – Students study PAS theory from Web or Interactive disc per program description.
Practical Hands On Training: (9 Clock Hours) – Students learn, through hands-on assignments, basic computer skills, Creating Cubase sessions, Cubase recording, editing, MIDI Production mixing & automation.