Recording Engineer Program

Prerequisites: A 16 or better score on a Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam or successful completion of Pro Audio Specialist.

Completion Schedule: 6 to 12 Months
(4 1/2 – 6 for those who have completed Associate Program, 3-6 for those who have completed Music Producer Program, 3 for those who have completed Associate Program AND Music Producer Program)


Students not having any RID recording program first take Recording Techniques I to learn basic audio theory and recording/mixing skills. Students also complete Production Techniques I to learn music arrangement, MIDI Production, and to gain competence as a Recording Engineer to the standard of an Associate Recording Engineer. Students study advanced mixing and mastering techniques using software by Digidesign, Steinberg and Izotope. Students study post-production and large studio techniques in addition to more advanced techniques needed for a Recording Engineer.

Suggested Training for: Essential training for those working in post-production and other large scale studios. Recording Engineer positions in smaller project studios and second recording engineer positions in larger studio facilities.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: (Students must complete all four classes)

Recording Techniques I Course: Clock Hours: 40
See Recording Techniques I program for course description.

Production Techniques I Course: Clock Hours: 40
See Associate Recording Engineer Music Producer Program for course description.

Computer Music Technology Course: Clock Hours: 48
See Music Producer Program for course description.

Recording Techniques II Course: Clock Hours: 48
The class is in two sections featuring advanced techniques used in larger recording studios and post-production studios. The first section covers audio production/post-production using DAW programs by Digidesign and other manufacturers. The second section covers advanced recording and mixing techniques for large-format recording consoles.